ACS w systemie tomograficznym – weryfikacja na potrzeby radioterapii podczas testów dopuszczających tomografu Philips Brillance (ver.

The aim of the project was to allow the CT system (Philips Brilliance ver. to a clinical use in radiation therapy. A part of the project was to evaluate the performance of the ACS system using quality and quantity parameters of CT images. The assumption was that the ACS system should compensate a patient size and keep consistent image quality and quantity. The ACS was evaluated using image quality parameters (SD, SNR, CNR, contrast), quantitative parameters (HU, SD) and dose (CTDIs). The scans and reconstructions were made for all implemented clinical protocols using phantoms: CATPHAN600, CIRS, Philips test subjects (15cm-50cm in diameter). A qualitative and quantitative assessment of the image parameters was performed. They were also compared for the protocols with fixed mAs and ACS protocols. ACS testing was completed to ensure that the system behaves stable, compensate different scanning conditions, keeps appropriate image quality and don’t change image quantity data for radiotherapy purposes.

Key words: CT scanner wide bore, AEC system, image quality, image quantity

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